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Booth has helped manage HR processes and departments across Texas and the United States.

Typical Booth & Associates HR management projects include:

  • Functioning as the Vice President of Human Resources for a publically traded physical therapy
    corporation, with over 250 clinics nationally. Responsible for a staff that handled payroll,
    benefits, training, compensation, employee relations and more.
  • Serving for more than three years with a publically traded biotech firm, located in Austin, Texas,
    as their Human Resources consultant.
  • Working as the part-time Human Resources Manager for a performing arts company. Issues
    addressed included counseling, training, compliance, and employee-relations issues.
  • Functioning as the Human Resources Manager for a sub-acute care hospital group for a period
    of six months. During that time Booth was responsible for policy development, benefits
    selection, staff development, and more.
  • Designing front office processes for a large, not-for-profit service organization. Created front
    office desk guide for ongoing training and reinforcement.
  • Migrating manual human resources processes to an intranet-based format for a large physical
    therapy firm.
  • Auditing for wage and hour issues for many companies. Such issues include exempt or
    nonexempt employment status, independent contractor status, etc.
Serving, Working, Designing, Migrating, and Auditing


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